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Ham, Military Radios & Vintage Audio! @ Schulman Auction & Realty, LLC
Jan 11 @ 7:00 pm – Jan 25 @ 7:00 pm

Ham, Military Radios & Vintage Audio!  

Jan. 11th @ 7PM CST — Jan. 25th @ 7PM CST

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What a great way to start the New Year! Featured will be both early and newer ham gear, a great, single owner collection of military radios and accessories as well as some fantastic vintage audio equipment, and many great pieces of high-end test gear. Some of the amateur radio items will be from the collection of Bill Dennison, K0VCD, owner of “The Pipe Shop”, in Springfield, MO. These items will be noted as such, in the item description. The remainder of his collection will be sold in our next auction.  Here are some of the highlights, there are many more items than what are listed below. Over 300 LOTS!

Ham Radio Gear: Collins–R-390A, R-388, 75A-4, KWM-2 & PM-2, 32S-1, 75S-1, 312B-4, 516F-2, CC-3 (Carry Case), 30S-1, KWM-380. ICOM–IC-781 Transceiver, IC-4KL 1KW Amplifier, IC-746 Pro. Kenwood– TS-790A, TS-850S, 599D Twins, TS-520S, TS-820, TS-820S. Yaesu– FL-101, FR-101, FR-100B, FL-200B. National– NCX-3, NCX-5, NCL-2000. R.L. Drake– SPR-4, T-4X, R-4B, R-4C, TR-3, T-4XC, R8B Receiver. Hallicrafters– SX-100, SX-101A, S-85, S-86, HT-37, HT-32. Hammarlund– HQ-145X, HQ-145A, HQ-145, HQ-160. E.F Johnson– Viking Pacemaker, Viking II, Thunderbolt Amplifier, Invader 2000.  Ten-Tec– Titan & Citation Amplifiers as well as an RCA SC-88 receiver.

Military Radio Gear: BC-375-E, BC-603-DM, BC-654-A/SCR-284, BC-683B, BC-683-BM, BC-788-C, PRC-439 IRET, RM-25-A, R-19B/TRC-1, RBS-2 CCT-46217-A, RBS-3, R-392/URR, RT-70, SCR-522, T-30/TRC-8, T-279/UR, AM-7238B/VRC CARC, CV-157/URR, Chest Mics, Throat Mics, Antennas, Vietnam Era PRC-25, PRC-77 backpacks. 

Test Equipment: Hewlett-Packard– 8569B Spectrum Analyzer, 8672A Signal Generator, 5342A Microwave Frequency Counter, 8657B Signal Generator, 8568B Spectrum Analyzer. 

Audio Equipment: Harmon Kardon Citation II Amplifier, Krell PAM-3 Preamplifier, HH Scott Stereomaster 222C Laboratory Amplifier, Kenwood KW-1100U AM/FM Stereo Receiver, Carver TX-11b Receiver, Bogen PA amps, Nakamichi 582 Discrete Head Cassette Deck, Bang & Olufsen Beogram 8000 Turntable.

All bidding starts at $5 and sells to the highest bidder.

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