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Ham, Antique Radios & Test Equipment! @ Schulman Auction & Realty, LLC
Apr 19 @ 7:00 pm – May 3 @ 7:00 pm

Our Next Auction is  April 19th @ 7PM CDT – May 3rd, 2018, @ 7PM CDT

 Ham, Antique Radios & Test Equipment! 

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Below are the highlights, many more items not listed. For full details and photos, see auction link above.

HAM EQUIPMENT: Collins 32S-1, 75S-1, 312B-3, SM-2, R-388/URR w/cabinet, 51J-4, rebuilt 30S-1. EF Johnson Viking Ranger electronically restored by Chuck Hurley, K1TLI, Viking Valiant, Viking Thunderbolt Amplifier, Viking 6N2, Viking KW Matchbox. RL Drake TR-4, T-4XB, SW-4A, MN-2000, R8B, TR7 Complete Station. Atlas 210X, 215X w/206 VFO, 350-XL. Ten-Tec Omni Transceiver. Swan 250, 270B, Astro 102BX, 100MX, Astro 150, 100MXA. Cubic Astro 150, 150A 103, ST-2B, 1500ZA Amp. Hallicrafters SR-400A Cyclone III, SR-160. Hammarlund HQ-110, HQ-110A, HQ-170, HQ-170A, HC-10 SSB Adapter. Heathkit Mohawk Receiver, Apache Transmitter, HW-18-1, SB-104, HW-16. Stewart Warner R-390A/URR, Navy CV-591/URR, Hoffman AU-64 SSB Converter. Gonset Communicator III, 903A 2M Amp. Some of the “newer” gear includes: Yaesu FT-897D, FT-1000MP MARK-V Field Transceiver. ICOM IC-764PRO, IC-746PRO III. Kenwood TS-520S Complete Station, TS-700A. Dentron Super Tuner, Super Super Tuner. Racal RA6790/GM. Ameritron AL-80B Amp. Bird Tenuline 2 kW 30 dB Attenuator/Dummy Load.

ANTIQUE RADIOS: Kennedy Type 281 receiver, type 521 two stage amplifier. Breting 14, 14AX. Audiola One Tube Regen, Paramount One Tube Regen, Canadian Westinghouse 801 Tombstone, Philco, Sonora, Stewart-Warner, Brunswick, Kolster, Arvin, Atwater Kent, RCA, Zenith portables, and many more.

TEST EQUIPMENT: Hewlett Packard 3310B, 204C, 432A, 400FL, 6215A, 6216A, 6234A, 6269B, 8640B, 8672A, 400D, 3575A, 5345A. Lambda power supplies, Marconi TF-1066B, Slotted lines from various manufacturers, Many, many wave guides and associated parts. Much, much more.

OTHER ITEMS: ER Mag dating back to 2000, frequency standards, mics, tubes and much more!


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