From Gemini to Apollo with a Collins 51S-1F Receiver

As we were cleaning up equipment for photography and testing, KFØCOM discovered an original JPL/NASA DSIF (Deep Space Instrumentation Facility – pre-Deep Space Network) tag! It was affixed to the reverse along with a green and white inspection/calibration sticker with JPL stamp and handwritten dates 1/17/68 and 10/8/69 with “JPL 17” and “JPL 168” code stamps next to them – indicating this unit was in service during the heart of the Apollo program!

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Book Review – Wes Schum: Amateur Radio’s Unsung Hero by Dominic (Nick) Tusa, 2021, Jan-Carol Publishing

"On Thanksgiving Day 1961, Wes Schum was unstoppable. His Central Electronics Company had produced the world's most advanced single-sideband transmitter, setting the amateur radio world ablaze. Three months later, it was all over. 60 years later, learn why and what could have been." - credit: excerpt from back cover

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A Rare Find, The Hallicrafters FPM-200 Transceiver

It was around 1960 when Hallicrafters put into limited production its ahead-of-the-curve 'transistorized' FPM-200 transceiver. This was a hybridized unit with 41 transistors, 49 diodes, 14 power rectifiers and 5 tubes, and would put out 70 to 100 watts PEP SSB, 60 to 90 watts CW, and 15 to 20 watts from 80 down to 10 meters. It also featured a combination R.F. output and S-meter, CW sidetone, vox, 100KHz crystal calibrator and crystal lattice filters, a dual conversion receiver and more.

The Consignment Process

We get a lot of questions about how our auction process works and how we acquire and curate the equipment we sell. Let us start by saying, we don’t purchase collections outright. The simple reason is that you, the consignor, will benefit more if we sell your items at auction on your behalf. When you consign items, our seller’s commission is all we take. If we purchased your equipment or collections for resale, it would be like selling anything to a reseller. A calculation would have to be made - in our favor - accounting for risks and unknowns we would be taking, such as how much of the equipment would need servicing and to what level. Auctions work best.

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