July 11, 2024 @ 7:00 pm – July 25, 2024 @ 7:00 pm
Schulman Auction
404 NE 41ST ST
Bldg. 2, Kansas City
MO 64116
David S Schulman

Our current auction includes some fantastic ham gear, including another Kenwood TS-990S, an ACOM 600S linear amplifier along with others, such as an ICOM IC-PW1, Alpha 76A, 77 and 87A. The monster Ten-Tec Titan II amp is also present.

For Elecraft fans, we have a very nice K3/100 transceiver, KAT500 tuner and KPA500 amplifier. Also, transceivers from ICOM, Yaesu and Kenwood are part of this offering.

As far as vintage gear, we have a beautiful Hallicrafters SX-28 and a rather uncommon Beckman/Berkely 7700/3 receiver made by Collins (same as their 51J-4).

Power supplies, antenna analyzers, BIRD watt meters, early Vibroplex bugs, test gear and other miscellaneous related items will be on the block!

Over 220 items.

Check it out, as always, there is something for everyone.

73, David WDØERU & Charles KFØCOM