All packing / shipping will be handled by The UPS Store 2923, 5400 Johnson Dr., Mission, KS 66205, they have been packing and shipping the items we sell for almost 10 years. If you have any questions or would like a shipping estimate prior to bidding (which we strongly advise), please call Eric directly at 913-722-1146 or email him at [email protected]. All auction items will have their dimensions and weights clearly listed in the auction description. You can also contact the auction company and we’ll forward your request to them.

To efficiently handle and process all the orders that are shipped from our auctions (which is about 95% of what we sell) our shipper has come up with the following guidelines to allow you to make better informed decisions when you are bidding and require shipment. Nothing is set in stone, as these are only guidelines. There are always special circumstances and you can request your items to be packed differently, if you so choose.

Auctions end on Thursday evening, and all items that are to be shipped will be picked up the following week. Please note that someone must be first, and someone has to be last. Packing and shipping of these orders can take up to three weeks, so please be patient. You can always call the number given above for a status update. Usually, orders with only one item (unless it’s a freight item) are packed and shipped first. When your order is ready to ship, you will get a call and/or an email from our shipper and you will pay them directly for the packing and shipping charges.

For faster service, if you’ve shipped with us before, you can request to be put on a list to ship automatically without a confirmation call to you, since our shipper has your payment information on file. All buyers requesting this will get their orders shipped within the first few days after pickup. This will enable us to streamline our shipping and get all orders processed in a timely manner. It will apply to all auctions until you notify us to be removed from this list. Please call or email our shipper (Eric) or the auction company to set this up or for more information.

 The following is what you can expect, unless you contact the shipper with alternative instructions:

  •  All items will be bubble wrapped or poly bagged.
  •  Weight up to 10 lbs., void fill will be used.
  • 10 to 40 lbs., double bubble wrap and void fill will be used.
  • 40 lbs. and over, Styrofoam planking and/or double boxing will be used.

Anything over 100 lbs. must be shipped freight. Our shipper will determine the most cost-effective way to get your items to you. Please realize that if you paid $10 for an item, it may cost considerably more to ship due to the weight and overall dimensions. So, if there is any doubt, please get an estimate before bidding.

NOTE #1: If your order consists of smaller items that can SAFELY fit in a USPS Flat rate, small, medium or large box, we will pack it for you at our facility and ship it out to you the week following the auction. You will be charged the actual flat rate shipping cost, insurance if over $100, plus a $5 handling fee. We will automatically charge your card on file, send you an updated invoice via email,  and a tracking number through STAMPS.COM.

NOTE #2: In order to expedite and create a more efficient shipping process for larger items (generally over 150 pounds) and freight orders, we may also use Craters and Freighters Kansas City. Their phone is 816-505-2223 and email is [email protected]. You can contact them directly for a quote, or we can do that for you. Just let us know prior to the end of the auction.

Also, if you are going to be out of town or unavailable after the auction, please call our shipper and let them know when you’ll be back so that they have a better idea of when to get your items ready for shipping. Also, if you are contacted by them (either by phone or email) and don’t respond within 5 business days, they will automatically ship your items to you IF they have your payment information on file from a previous auction shipment.