Coming Soon: Archive of Historical Radio Reception Verification Letters and QSL Cards


Welcome to the Schulman Auction blog. Whether you’re a ham radio op, a vintage audio enthusiast or collect or repair antique radios, we hope to have a variety of posts that pique your curiosity and provide relevant information on the above topics as well as provide information on our auction process. From cool new arrivals to behind-the-scenes operations from our auction facility of how we test, process and bring some exciting auctions to our customers, we’ll be providing regular content for your viewing.

My name is David Schulman, WDØERU, owner and auctioneer of Schulman Auction. I’ve been an auctioneer for over 20 years, and a ham for over 45 years. Just 8 years ago, I had the idea of selling an estate of ham gear from my home basement, utilizing an online auction platform that we still use today. What was initially thought to be local endeavor, turned out to be much more than that over this 8 year period. We now house our business in a 2,700 sf auction facility, bringing in consignments from all over the country.

Our most recent auction, which featured part of the telegraphy and Morse key collection from Bob Roske, NØUF, had 410 registered bidders from all over the world, with over 78,000 views and 4700 total bids. This auction included many other types of items as well, including transceivers, transmitters, receivers and other related gear. You can find this most recent auction, along with our other past auctions here:

The above photo is of the station at Schulman Auction, featuring vintage as well as newer gear. Stop by when you’re in the area and take the operating position!