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Early Winter Will Be Totally Tubular at Schulman Auction

The Christmas season is busy for everyone…and hard on budgets. We took it easy on you last year by offering an auction brimming with reasonably priced accessories, and it was a big hit! You know, we’re hams ourselves and understand…

Anyway, we have something new in store for our end-of-year auction – TUBES. A consignor recently sent a nice collection of tubes along with their regular equipment (some of which will be coming up over the course of 2024).

While not normally a super exciting thing for us to sell, it turned out to be a nice stash of rare, useful, and valuable tubes, including some sought after audio tubes and radio transmitter tubes. And how many of us don’t have equipment that needs tubes? Probably almost none of us.

We’re in the process of testing them now and will have an auction full of them online for bidding just before Christmas and closing in early January.