Year End Ham Radio, Odds ‘n Ends & Accessories Online Auction

December 15 -29th, 2022 @ 7PM CT

Catalog will be posted here, one week prior to start of sale

Year End Ham Radio, Odds ‘n Ends & Accessories @ Schulman Auction
Dec 15 @ 7:00 pm – Dec 29 @ 7:00 pm

Join us for our end of the year warehouse cleanup auction! We’ve assembled a great selection of ham radio gear and accessories, including but not limited to a rare RCA Paintbrush Ribbon Microphone, many UHF/VHF handhelds and mobile rigs; analog, Fusion and DMR.

Speakers, antennas, antenna tuners, keys, mics, tubes (including nine 45 triodes, a Tung-Sol 5998 and an Eimac 8873), power supplies, test equipment and so much more. Whatever ham accessories you’re looking for, we probably have them in this auction!

Thanks for looking and Happy Holidays to all!

73, David, WDØERU & Charles, KFØCOM