Amplifiers, Transceivers, Antique Radios & Military Gear

May 19th @ 7PM CT through June 2nd @ 7PM CT

Ham Radio, Amplifiers, Antique Radios & Military @ Schulman Auction
May 19 @ 7:00 pm – Jun 2 @ 7:00 pm

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Another great auction including not only ham gear, but an entire, one owner collection of antique radios and consoles, and a nice selection of military gear.

To start with, we are selling our third, Alpha 9500 HF amplifier! To go with that is the Alpha 2100 HF dummy load and a 4510A power/swr meter. There is also a very nice Flex 6300 SDR with a Maestro Version B display. Other HF gear includes an ICOM IC-7300, ID-5100A and two IC-706MKIIG’s. From Kenwood we have a TS-480HX and TX-480SAT as well as a TS-2000 and TM-D710A.

Other amplifiers included in this auction are an ICOM IC-PW1 with remote cable, a Henry 2KD-5, and a Collins 30L-1 and 30S-1.

There is other fine gear from Collins, Drake, B&W and many more manufacturers.

As mentioned above, a very nice collection of over 40 antique radios and consoles including an EH Scott Allwave 23 in a Nelson cabinet, a 1930’s Climax “Angry Face” radio, Breiting 12 Receiver, a Silvertone 4569 gold dial radio, and many others. 

As for military gear, we have three ART-13’s, a BC-375 and others.

We’ll also be including most of the remainder of the key collection from Bob Roske, NØUF, so be on the lookout for some more interesting keys and telegraphy items.

Please be sure to look at LOT 1b which will include information on shipping for the larger items such as the consoles and military gear.

As always, thank you for looking!

David, WDØERU & Charles, KFØCOM