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Late March 2020, Exact Dates/Time TBD

To start things off, the Collins gear is truly amazing. We’ll be offering an HF-380 (not a converted KWM-380) with all options! Also, a very nice SC-101 station control, less the wiring harness, 312A-1 control/speaker, a 51S-1 and 55G-1, a 75S-3C, 32S-3A, 312B-4 and 5, KWM-2, 30L-1, KWS-1, 75A-4 (yes, the infamous “Gold Dust Twins”), 75A-3 and a 32V-3. There is more, these are just the highlights.

There is also a FlexRadio FLEX-6300 & FLEX-6400, a Signal One Milspec 1030 and two CX7A’s. Some fantastic Drake items including a TR-7, R-7A, L-7 amplifier and power supply, RV-7 and SP-75 speech processor. Kenwood gear includes a beautiful TS-950SDX, SP-950 and an SM-220 and 230. For ICOM rigs we have an IC-781, IC-701, IC-970H, IC-R9000 and more.

In need of a nice amp? We’ll have an Alpha ETO 77-SX and a model 89!

Vintage tube gear will include a Hallicrafters SX-115 and HT-32B, National HRO-50, HRO-500, a seldom seen LF-10 preselector and NCL-2000. There will also be a Johnson Viking Valiant, Central Electronics 100-V, and a couple R-390A’s. Of course, there will be many more vintage receivers and transmitters included.

A beautiful Atwater Kent Model 10A breadboard will be in this sale as well!

For test gear, we’ll have an HP-8640B and HP-8640B-323 (military version), 53131A counter and an Agilent 33120A wave form generator. A Marconi 2018 signal generator and Fluke 8050A mulitimeter, along with many other pieces of test equipment. 

The above listed items and the photos below are just a sampling of what’s to come. We’ll be adding more photos over next few weeks so check back often. The complete auction catalog will be posted here approximately one week prior to the start of the auction.

Nationwide Shipping!

 WE ARE CURRENTLY TAKING CONSIGNMENTS! Whatever you have, whether it be one item, an estate or entire collection, we can assist you with the online sale of your equipment.  Out of state? No problem. Please contact our office at 816-455-5520 to discuss your options.

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A note from the auctioneer: One of my passions in life is collecting, preserving and restoring antique and vintage tube radios and associated equipment of all kinds. Although not an exhaustive list this includes cathedrals, consoles, table radios, shortwave and broadcast receivers, European sets, amateur / ham radios, and audio equipment including tube amplifiers. Over the years, I’ve acquired and sold these wonderful relics of the early wireless era dating back to the 1920’s through the transistor era of the mid to early 1960’s and 70’s.


When I received my ham radio license at the age of 14, over 40 years ago, my mentor at the time, had a wonderful collection chock full of many different types of tube radios and test equipment. I was hooked, and still am today.

Without a doubt, there are many of you who are as excited about preserving and restoring these great pieces as well. The problem is, we need to find a good way to buy and sell with a minimum of hassle, preferably from someone who knows this equipment. Well, that would be me!

As a seller, whether you are a seasoned collector wanting to sell some of your sets to free up some space, or a family member who is trying to liquidate the radio estate of a loved one, I can help you obtain your goals with a very minimum of effort on your part.

As a buyer, you are probably a collector. Do you get tired of dealing with other venues, such as eBay and Craigslist, where sellers don’t always know what they have, the condition it’s in, and what’s been done to a radio? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Most antique collectors I know, want to assemble their own little place in time. Let me help you with yours.

My expertise in the auction business combined with that of my 35 plus years in radio collecting, will give your items the attention to detail they deserve. By utilizing an on-line auction strategy, and tried and true auction marketing techniques, I will market your items or collections to a targeted national as well as local audience. All of this in a timely and cost effective manner.

I’m sure you have questions, so call me today at (816) 455-5520 to discuss your specific needs. I look forward to speaking with you.

David Schulman, WD0ERU

Vice-President, MAARC – Mid-America Antique Radio Club
ARRL – American Radio Relay League
JCRAC – Johnson County Radio Amateurs Club
CCA – Collins Collectors Association
TCA – Tube Collectors Association
AWA – Antique Wireless Association
QCWA #35042 – Quarter Century Wireless Association

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