April 11, 2024 @ 7:00 pm – April 25, 2024 @ 7:00 pm
Schulman Auction
404 NE 41ST ST BLDG 2
David S Schulman

Our first auction of the Spring is quite a selection of ham gear, vintage audio and much more! For the audio folks out there, we have a beautiful pair of  Klipschorns, KB-WO, walnut oiled speakers that were purchased in 1978. They truly sound as well as look amazing. There are also a couple of Otari professional reel-to-reel decks that have been recently refurbished, and some equipment from Dynaco, McIntosh and Marantz.

As far as ham radio gear, there is a wonderful Kenwood TS-990S HF/50 MHz transceiver, just waiting for a new home, as well as nice looking ICOM IC-9100. For amps, we have an Alpha 77D with dual 8877’s, and Alpha 8410 and 87A. Other amplifiers include a Drake L4-B, Heathkit SB-200, Ameritron AL-82, ALS-500M and a Kenwood TL-922A.

As always, we have some great Collins gear in this auction, including a 51S-1, KWM-2A, 75S-3C & 3B, as well as a 651S-1 receiver and KWM-380 transceiver. Other Collins equipment is included as well.

 A nice selection of test gear from HP, Tektronix, Boonton and others as well as a large assortment of BIRD wattmeter slugs, and other watt meters and accessories. Quite a variety, and as always, there is something for everyone.

Thanks for looking, and let us know if you have any questions.

73, David WDØERU & Charles KFØCOM