February 29, 2024 @ 7:00 pm – March 14, 2024 @ 7:00 pm
Schulman Auction
404 NE 41ST ST
David Schulman

Some more great gear being offered, including a rare (in excellent condition) Hallicrafters SR-2000 Hurricane Transmitter and P-2000 power supply. The HA-20 remote VFO and antenna bridge as well as the HA-1 T.O. keyer will also be available.

Newer equipment includes a very nice, Alpha 9500 amplifier, Apache Labs ANAN-7000DLE MKII HF & 6M SDR, an ICOM IC-7610 and an unbuilt Elecraft K2-10 kit.

If the Alpha 9500 isn’t what you’re looking for we have a few others to choose from. Including an ICOM IC-4KL, Elecraft KPA500, KXPA100, Heathkit SB-200 and SB-220, Ten-Tec Hercules II, Yaesu FL-2100B, Ameritron ALS-500M, and a Dentron MLA-2500B and a couple of 8875 tubes!

A nice selection of early radios from Atwater Kent, Federal and Kennedy are also available in this auction.

In addition, there are plenty of other transmitters, receivers, transceivers from Kenwood, Drake, Johnson and National, as well as some great Collins gear, and many other antennas, parts and accessories.

Thanks for looking.

73, David WDØERU & Charles KFØCOM