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A Rare Find, The Hallicrafters FPM-200 Transceiver

The Consignment Process

We get a lot of questions about how our auction process works and how we acquire and curate the equipment we sell. Let us start by saying, we don’t purchase collections outright. The simple reason is that you, the consignor, will benefit more if we sell your items at auction on your behalf. When you consign items, our seller’s commission is all we take. If we purchased your equipment or collections for resale, it would be like selling anything to a reseller. A calculation would have to be made – in our favor – accounting for risks and unknowns we would be taking, such as how much of the equipment would need servicing and to what level. Auctions work best.

We don’t get paid unless you get paid, so we work really hard to achieve market value (or better!) on everything we offer. We will discuss with you the best strategy for bringing your items to market to see if it fits your needs. It may mean spreading your consignment across several auctions in order to avoid choking a particular part of the market, or other considerations. 

Once your things are approved for consignment, getting it to us is the next step. Consignors dropping off equipment is the most economic option, but most of our consignors are located outside our Kansas City area, so we specialize in finding the safest and most economically feasible way to transport the equipment to us. 

Much depends on how the estimated value of the collection compares to the cost of getting it here, and we will discuss this with you frankly during the approval process. Once your items are accepted for consignment, we’ll sign an agreement that outlines everything you can expect from us.

We have a special traveling crew for convenient nationwide pickup. Other options that have worked well for consignors in the past include sending us PODS-style containers packed with their items or hiring third-party movers. 

Once at our facility, we thoroughly test your items and make minor repairs or updates as needed, and this information is included in our catalog descriptions so buyers know exactly what to expect. We then photograph, catalog, and prepare the items for an upcoming auction.

Your items then go to auction! Auctions are visible for three weeks, with two of those weeks accepting bids on our online platform, with an advertising blitz starting before and running throughout. Everything sells to the highest bidder. Post-auction, we take care of all logistics of getting your items shipped to the buyers. There’s absolutely nothing more you need to do except expect your consignor check a couple weeks later!

We are often asked where we advertise. Since we have a large online presence, most of our advertising dollars are spent there., ARRL Letter, Facebook advertising, Instagram, Antique Radio Forums,, and of course our own curated email list that includes over 5,000 members! The one print publication we advertise in is ER Magazine, which is devoted to the earlier years of radio. 

We average 100 new registrations per auction, with about 350-400 registered bidders from around the world participating in every auction!

We are the only auction company in the country run by Hams for Hams. We provide a front-to-back solution for consignors, whether it’s Ham gear, vintage audio, or antique radios.

David, WDØERU & Charles, KFØCOM